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Liseli Seasonal Product


Liseli Farms focuses on elevating the local community and local fresh markets. We achieve this by growing seasonal produce throughout the year and providing the produce in our local community as well as providing produce to the local stall venders. Liseli Farms also sells fresh produce at the local Liseli Farm store in Katima Malilu, Zambia. People in the town know they can get fresh and organic fruits & vegetables at our farm store.

Our seasonal produce also helps sustain our foundation, allowing us to continuously sow back into the lives of our workers and the communities surrounding Liseli Farms, such as expanding schools, building clinics and providing healthcare. 

Liseli Seasonal Produce

Our seasonal produce is what sustains Liseli Foundation to ensure that we are able to actively sow back into the community throughout the year.

Our seasonal produce is all organic, which provides the best nutritional source for the people in our community. Our fresh seasonal produce is sold at our growing Liseli Farm Store in the town of Katima Malilu. Or products are well known in town and this allows us to extend our ministry into the towns surrounding us.

To learn more about our seasonal produce or how you can help please contact us below!

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