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Liseli Pecans

20 hectares
4000 trees

Liseli Farms have entered the tree nut arena with purpose and passion. Our love for pecan nuts and people is driving our focus to increase the tree nut yield in Zambia to be able to produce quality pecan nuts for both local and international markets. Our goal is to plant an additional 100 hectares of pecan nuts by the end of 2022!

Currently our orchard is divided with various citrus trees:
20 hecatres of pecan nuts planted

Liseli Pecans

Our pecan nuts will be used to expand God's kingdom in Western Zambia through job generation, skill development, value added products and community outreach programmes.

Our goal is to become the largest suppliers of PECAN NUTS in Zambia. Liseli's trees are still young but growing fast! We will be ready for our first harvest in the year 2027. 

Our pecan trees are grown within a 100 meters of the Zambesi river, accompanied by extremely fertile soil and thousands hours of prayers; we believe that we will yield top quality pecan nuts. Liseli Farms prides itself on using organic and natural materials and sprays.

Liseli Farms is expanding and aims to develop green fields to plant an additional 100 hectares of pecan trees next to the Zambezi river, contact us to find out more or how you can help! By expanding our agriculture we are further able to impact Western Zambia and the communities that live here.

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