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Liseli Seasonal Produce

Food security throughout the year with Liseli seasonal produce.

Liseli Farms' grows throughout the year to ensure that there is always a steady supply of food entering local markets. Our seasonal produce consist of a large variety ranging from butternut, tomatoes, groundnuts, onions, cabbage, lusern and watermelons.


Filling the storehouses through Liseli Seasonal Produce

Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, so that there may be food in My house, and test Me now in this,” says the Lord of hosts, “if I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you a blessing until it overflows!
Malachi 3:10

Liseli Farms has been planting seasonal crops for many years now. Our produce are sold in local fresh markets, shops and at Liseli Farmstore. After all these years we still get extremely excited about our seasonal crops. Our seasonal crops have been our admission ticket into the local towns and markets, building up relationships and networks with the locals through our awesomely sweet seasonal produce. Our supply of produce has also helped ensure that there is always food available in towns and local markets even during floods or droughts. 

We plant a diverse selection of seasonal crops to ensure that markets are diversified in nutritional value to ensure that people get all they need through all seasons. This year Liseli is planting tomatoes, watermelons, butternuts and lusern.

In addition to providing new sources of food and nutrition to the area our seasonal produce helps sustain Liseli Foundation and Ahavah School while Liseli's permanent crops are growing. Many of the undergoing and upcoming projects (school, clinic, church building etc) is funded through our seasonal produce. Through our seasonal produce our communities benefit the most either through food security or the projects that flow out of our productivity. This also allows Liseli Farms to achieve equitable regional development through sustainable income and participatory development approaches with the members of our community. 

Our seasonal produce will also supply the shelves in our Liseli Farmstore which is our storehouse in town, ensuring that there is always fresh and healthy products in town for the people, we believe this is an important opportunity for Liseli Farms to develop value chains, networks and maintain market appeal in the area through our God-based business principles.

To establish and maintain agricultural activity and markets in rural areas Liseli Farms aims to combine the indivisible objectives of food security and sovereignty in our region. Liseli Farms will achieve this by implementing agricultural systems that are social fair and have sustainable  production modes that promote conservation of natural resources, particularly land, water and indigenous fauna and flora. Our agricultural activities will all be implemented with close participation of the local community members and encouraging smallholder farming participation and support. Within each project Liseli Farms is focused on improving agricultural activity of local smallholder farmers through diversification and quality seeds, restoring degraded land and manage soil fertility, and assist in developing services such as marketing and agricultural advice. 

Harvesting a wide variety of produce allows us to supply local markets with healthy and nutritious sources of food that through all seasons that are often scarce or too expensive for rural households. Addressing food insecurity is not merely providing sources of food but providing diverse produce that will provide people with the nutritional value they need. Liseli Farms is focusing on addressing the critical issue of food insecurity by diverse agricultural activities that will provide people with all the sources of nutrients, minerals and protein they require. 

Through alleviation of food insecurity, improvement of quality of life and achieving sustainable economic development; Liseli Farms through the Grace of God will be able to uplift Western Zambia out of the poverty it has know for decades and establish a network of food storehouses that will provide for Zambia and beyond. 


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