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Liseli Farmstore

Fresh from the farm to you!

A farmstyle shop dedicated to serve quality goods and produce to the people of Western Zambia.

Offering fresh, organic and free range products is what we do. Our Fresh produce is planted and harvested with love on Liseli Farms. 

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Liseli Farmstore

Fresh from the farm to you!

The vision of Liseli Farms, which is to uplift the poor in our communities and provide new methods of increasing quality of life is strongly embodied through Liseli Farmstore. This is achieved by quality products, excellent service and just prices.

Liseli Farmstore is based in a convenient location in Katima Malilu wtih busy foot traffic throughout the day. The goal is to provide products that offer the best nutritional value in the area, with fresh and organic products from the farm throughout the year we are able to give the people not only what they want but also need.

Liseli Farmstore focuses on increasing quality of life, and therefore is in the process of broadening product ranges, moving forward into new ventures that will provide products that focuses on home improvement and agriculture such as quality seeds, solar products, irrigation etc.

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Liseli Farmstore Team


Benjamin Du Preez

Liseli Farmstore is owned and managed by Benjamin du Preez of Liseli Farms. The vision of Liseli Farms and Liseli Foundation is carried into the business of Liseli Farmstore through Benjamin du Preez who is motivated and dedicated to serve the people of his community and Zambia.



The heart of the farmstore is Jane who runs day-to-day operations in the store ensuring that the store is a welcoming and wonderful experience for all who enter. Jane is a dedicated and loyal worker that is always ready to serve with joy. 

what we believe

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Conducting business on Christ based principles

Offering products and produce at fair and affordable prices focused on assisting the community

Going out of our way to provide the best serivce and assistance

We believe in sowing our profits back into the community, approaching the business as a ministry to uplift the community

Only selling the freshest and best produce grown on Liseli Farms

For Any Inquiries about the Farmstore contact us here.

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Liselli Farms Tree.png


We heartily invite you to come and stop at Liseli Farmstore or Liseli Farms to see what we are up to!

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