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Food Security

building up the storehouses for the nations

Zambia is estimated to have around 1.42 million people (22% of the population) in high levels (IPC Phase 3 or above) of acute food insecurity throughout the year 2020. This number includes 1.24 million whom are living in Crisis (IPC Phase 3) and nearly 190,000 people living in Emergency (IPC Phase 4). These populations have been affected by strings of various events such as flooding, droughts, outbreaks of diseases, Covid-19 and climbing maize prices. Throughout 2021 Zambia's food security has deteriorated, with a projected 1.98 Million (29%) facing high levels of acute food insecurity at the end of 2021. It is clear that there is a growing need for humanitarian action to help alleviate food insecurity, fill in food gaps, protect crops and livestock and prevent acute malnutrition.

Due to increased food insecurity, poor and rural households are affected the most and will rely more on labour opportunities for food and income. Liseli Farms seeks to fill in the gaps with permanent solutions by creating large scale opportunities for those affected by acute food insecurity through providing food and income. Liseli's permanent crops (citrus and nuts) will be the solution to directly address poverty and lack of income by creating seasonal jobs throughout the year such as harvesting, packing and pruning. Liseli's seasonal produce will be the solution to directly address food insecurity by supplying local and national markets with fresh produce at affordable prices. 

Liseli Farms is called to build up storehouses of food to feed the poor across the nation of Zambia and beyond. Alleviating the issue of food insecurity and poverty through agricultural based projects we are able to improve the living conditions of many in our community and across Zambia.

This can be achieved through:

  • long-term crops for sustainability.

  • enhanced agricultural productivity and profitability.

  • strengthened market systems through capacity building in both public and private sectors, smallholder farmers and market access.

  • enable access to finance, skills and knowledge for smallholder and local farmers to develop agricultural productivity and profitablity.

  • diversify and improve nutritional intake by encouraging sustainable adoption and use of more nutritious and different foods.

  • improve living conditions by impacting every aspect of peoples lives by providing free education, healthcare and skill development

  • improve water, sanitation and hygiene practices.

Image by Philippe Gauthier

Liseli Citrus 

Food security through Citrus Farming

Liseli Farms' citrus will be an important long-term crop for Western Zambia. Quality and high production is assued through the land and fertile soil, vast water supply and perfect climatic conditions to yield sweet produce. Liseli Farms' is the perfect place for citrus to flourish. 

Liseli Pecan Nuts

Food security through Pecan Nuts

How marvelous it is to introduce a new crop into a region through faith. Liseli Farms has rich soil for pecan nuts, accompanied by Zambesi river water and perfect climatic conditions. We are extremely excited to introduce Pecan nuts to this part of the world and believe this healthy and super food will make a massive impact in food security for Africa.

Image by Sara Cervera
Image by Vladislav Nikonov

Liseli Seasonal Produce

Food security throughout the year with Liseli seasonal produce

Liseli Farms' grows throughout the year to ensure that there is always a steady supply of food entering local markets. Our seasonal produce consist of a large variety ranging from butternut, tomatoes, groundnuts, onions, cabbage, lusern and watermelons.

Liseli Poultry

Food security through Liseli Poultry

This is our newest food project that will have a huge impact on rural villages in our area. The project consists of providing free range chickens to local villages where Liseli Farms will later purchase the eggs lain back from those villages. The eggs will then be sold in local markets and at Liseli Farmstore.

Image by Henrique S. Ruzzon
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