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One family

answering God's call

Our Story

It started with one family answering God's call over their lives with an enthusiastic "yes!"

The Du Preez family is the "front line" of Liseli Farms and Liseli Foundation, the team on ground level in the Lozi Kingdom, Western Province in Zambia!

Though a small team, we reason that we’d rather be making a difference to 10 lives, than trying to reach a 100, and fail. Our names are Benjamin and Celesté Du Preez and we were born in South Africa. The basis of our desire to help Africa is founded on our Christian faith. We believe that we were born predestined to help the poor. Our children Ben, Louwnique, and Zoë, are all involved.

From where we started until now it has been an incredible journey with many a stone chewed. For years our entire family stayed in tents without any land of our own. This was an incredible time as it laid the foundation for our calling, living between the Lozi tribe of Western Zambia, known as Barotseland. We believe God works in seasons and rythms, and many seasons went by before our family saw God's first 30 fold blessing with our first small piece of land. A few more seasons went by and we experienced God's 60 fold blessing with an additional piece of land. And now we are approaching the season where God will release His promised 100 fold blessing over our lives with an additional land that will be used to expand His kingdom. Seeing Gods radical provision and blessing in abundance over our lives and the lives of the communities around us we have no doubt that God is calling Barotseland and the Lozi tribe to make an impact in Zambia and further. This is the time for Zambia, for Africa to break free from the chains of poverty and step into a new season of God's perfect plan for this continent.

We as a family are called to live in between the people God has called us to help, though we are pilgrims this is our home and the people are our family. We are addressing social issues in the region by targeting every aspect of their lives, through providing food security, increased income opportunities, skill development, improved housing, quality education and free health care. The only true way to fully change an area and achieve sustainable development is to impact every aspect of someone's life, something of this magnitude can only be done if God is absolutely in control, guiding us as a family with grace every step of the way.

We are here because we want to be here. It is not something we do to make a living. Doing it is what we live for! Making a difference isn’t something we think we can accomplish, because we can’t. But hoping to make a difference, because we are willing to try, that is our motivation.

Meet The Team

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